Here are some things our valued customers have said.

Barton Equine has looked after several racehorses belonging to Falcon’s Line when they have needed extra care and attention. Janet, Richard and Alison have an empathy with horses which helps to calm them. This makes them easier to look after but they are not allowed to step out of line just the same. Janet gives them soothing physiotherapy to loosen tensed muscles so that they can relax. All their horses are eager to please and willing to learn.
Two young racehorses have been successfully broken in there and an ex-racing mare was retrained to take up a second life as an eventer. She wasn’t quite good enough to make the grade in show jumping which was pointed out early on but she is a winning eventer.
Richard and Alison are brilliant riders who get the most out of their horses without stressing them and the team takes good care to educate and bring on their show jumpers when they are good and ready and not before. In the 4 years that Falcon’s Line has been involved with them, they have not had a horse which has broken down in any way.
The whole family are experienced teachers and are much in demand all over the country. They are extremely hard working, will give an honest Yorkshire opinion even if it means losing the horse from their yard and are very nice people into the bargain.
Gay Hartley – Director
Falcon’s Line Limited

 I have owned a horse with the Barton Family for the past year, however I have known Alison since the beginning of her pony riding days.
I have always been impressed with her professional attitude and genuine love and understanding of her horses.
She has ridden a variety of horses and always seems to get a good tune..
As an owner, Alison is extremely easy and approachable & always happy to talk about the horses.
I would be extremely happy to have another horse with Alison and recommend the Barton family with others.
Radel Burt